Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor
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    Why should we support this mission?
    The proceeds from the book, as well as much appreciated financial contributions will go a long way toward helping to cover the our expenses so we can finish our "Documentary movie" we have started, cost of printing and distribution of the book and begin to rebuild whatever path lays ahead for us. I have also decided to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Children's Burn Foundation.

    How did you come up with the idea?
    We are on a mission to be able to use a horrific experience and turn it around to make something beautiful out of it and then take that and touch millions of people that are in need of hope and encouragement. To do this, we need support and funds to be able to fund the expenses of completing and distributing the book and produce the documentary film. Production costs are unbelievable but we are counting on you to support us so we can complete and deliver this mission of Hope. So please be generous and be a part of this wonderful project and let this dream come through.

Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor