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Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor
Must see to believe!

Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor

A man who survived over 90% 3rd degree
burns with 1% chance of survival

The story of "Miracle Man"
Tony Yarijanian

A burn survivor's extraordinary memoir of faith
and triumph over unthinkable odds

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Tony was awarded the Guinness World Records TM for
"The most % of burns on human body survived"


Will you give my CD (called Walking The Prosperous Path) a chance to work a miracle in your life? I know a little about miracles, in fact people have called me ‘the miracle man.’ At one point my eyes, ears, fingertips, hair, ears and so much more totaling close to 95% of my body was burned away and my wife was told I would not walk or see again! Today I proudly WALK into rooms and give speeches. Click here for more information on my motivational CD!

Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor

Reborn Through Fire - burn survivor

- Reborn Through Fire
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